Your Guide In The Matrix

About Me.

First and foremost I am a teacher. I prefer tutoring people one on one as I have found that group sessions do not work for everyone because in most cases the students are at a different level. Hence I prefer tutoring because I can tailor the teachings so that they fit the needs of the individual.

I come from a family of teachers, both my parents and a number of cousins are teachers.

I love what I do and get a lot of satisfaction in sharing my knowledge in helping others to get the best out of their computers.

Please take a look at the testimonials page to read what some of the people I have worked with have said about my teachings. Where possible I have made the reviewer contactable should you feel it necessary.

You can see my Linkedin profile to view my work history. You can read references from former colleagues and employers here: References.

I am a qualified Microsoft professional and have over 20 years experience with computers.

I also have a City and Guilds certificate for teaching adults and have completed in house teacher training whilst working for Natwest Bank.